Basenji Shaun keeps track of the adventures, triumphs, and crazy habits of Shaun, a young Basenji from Seattle.

"Living with the Basenji called Shaun is a challenge best faced one day at a time..."

We are Sherri and Max, 40-somethings living in Seattle. We once lived with four pets but after they all passed on we had a few months of peace and quiet. Even the vacuum cleaner appreciated the lighter workload. But the house was too damn quiet. After some deliberation we stumbled into the foolish notion of bringing a Basenji into our home.  We now live with the Basenji called Shaun...

Shaun in "his" chair

A website for whom?

Does a dog really need its own website? Of course not. But given that there are millions of websites out there, do all of them really need to have a real purpose? 

Basenji-Shaun began on a whim really. Instead of constantly emailing updates and photos to friends and family we decided to create a customized site and see if we would enjoy tossing some content into the mix every now and then. 

Who wants to read stuff? Show us some pictures!

Max is supposed to be a photographer. This site will be light (hopefully) on words but the plan is to keep the images flowing into the gallery system.