How about some video?

Canon 5D mk II with gripAlthough Max has been a stills shooter for years he now "dabbles" with video. Tools of the trade include the Canon 5D mk II DLSR, modified classic manual focus lenses (like the 58mm/1.2 Minolta Rokkor), external viewfinder, Miller video tripod, external HDMI display and personally customized camera support gear. All editing is done with Apple's Final Cut Studio suite.

Recording video on this kind of camera is an all manual focus undertaking. Even when using modern auto focus lenses you still have to use manual focus when recording video. Not always that easy when capturing a charging Basenji!

Video #1 - Marco

Shaun has his new pal Marco over for some playtime...

Video #2 - Casssie

Shaun has his favorite Golden Retriever, Cassie, over for some wild play time. ...

Video #3 - Conehead

Sometimes its not so great. Recently Shaun injured the pad on the backside of his front leg (above the foot). We are not sure what happened. He received a gash on this pad while playing. To keep poor Shaun from bothering the wound he either had to wear a bandage or the dreaded neck cone. All dogs hate the "cone of shame." The injury is healing but his body language really shows how wild he is about this cone business...

Video #4 - Recovering

Just some quick footage to show that Shaun is recovering from his injury and the "cone of shame..."

Video #5 - New Cassie playdate

Shaun and Mbali relax with their pal Cassie after a long dog show weekend...

This video was filmed with a cheesy Super8 app on the Apple iPad!